Piney Woods Climate

The average annual rainfall is fairly uniformly distributed throughout the year, and humidity and temperatures are typically high. Elevations range from 200 to a little over 500 feet above sea level. Seasonal flooding of rivers and streams shape bottomlands and affect the number and types of plants found in these areas.

On average, there are 215 sunny days per year in the Piney Woods.

The average high and low

January- 57°F/36°F

February- 62°F/40°F

March- 69°F/47°F

April- 76°F/55°F

May- 83°F/64°F

June- 90°F/71°F

July- 93°F/74°F

August- 94°F/73°F

September- 88°F/67°F


November- 68°F/45°F

December- 59°F/38°F

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Abiotic Factors of the Pineywoods.htm

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