Physical Activities for Students in Elementary and Middle School

In accordance with policies at EHAB, EHAC, and FFA, the district will ensure that students in elementary school engage in at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day or 135 minutes per week.

The district offers 45 minutes of athletics a day to students in middle or junior high school to meet district physical education requirements for these grades. For additional information on the district's requirements and programs regarding elementary, middle, and junior high school student physical activity requirements, please see the principal.

School Health Advisory Council

Additional information regarding the district's School Health Advisory Council is available from the principal/superintendent. [See also policies at BDF and EHAA.]



Vending Machines

The district has adopted policies and implemented procedures to comply with state and federal food service guidelines for restricting student access to vending machines. For more information regarding these policies and guidelines see the principal/superintendent. [See policies at CO and FFA.]

Other Health-Related Matters

Tobacco Prohibited

The district and its staff strictly enforce prohibitions against the use of tobacco products by students and others on school property and at school-sponsored and school-related activities. [See the Student Code of Conduct and policies at FNCD and GKA.]