School Board Info


Billy Pitts, Scott Hoelscher, Michelle Weaver, Callie Wilde, Michael Meyer.


The individuals who make up the Westphalia Independent School District Board of Trustees are dedicated members of the Westphalia Community who volunteer their personal time to ensure that the children of Westphalia receive a quality education. Elected by citizens, members promote educational excellence for Westphalia schoolchildren through advocacy, visionary leadership, and their dedication to do what is right for the children of the school district.

The WISD school board is responsible for setting policy in the district, for creating a vision for the district, and for holding employees of the district accountable. Each member takes his or her responsibility to the citizens of Westphalia seriously and is proud to serve the students of Westphalia. It is the dedication of School Board members and the vision they create that allows Westphalia ISD to be successful.